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Exploit your reward system

Apx.  • 75-90 minutes

Unleash your potential with this course. Learn practical strategies to stay focused and motivated in today’s distracting world. Reset your reward system. Break free from endless scrolling and pursue your passions with renewed energy. Say goodbye to unfulfilling cycles of distraction and hello to a more productive life.

Why DoReset Mini-Courses

Time efficient

Our Mini-courses are shorter in duration compared to big programs, allowing you to acquire knowledge in a shorter period of time.

Focused content

Our Mini-courses are designed to cover a specific topic or skill, providing you with targeted information and knowledge.

Lower commitment

Since our mini-courses are shorter, they require less commitment, making it easier for you to complete them


DoReset mini-courses are self-paced, which allows you to learn at your own speed and convenience, making it ideal for busy individuals

Cost effective

With our competitive pricing, you can invest in your personal growth without having to worry about your budget.

Practical applications

Our courses are designed to provide you with practical skills that you can immediately apply in your personal or professional life.

Easy to follow

Our courses are step-by-step guides, chronological and organized in a way that makes sense.

Video Material

Every lesson contains a 4K video with clear explanations, making the lessons easier to comprehend.

Experienced instructors

Our courses are designed by experienced instructors who are motivated to share their teachings

Let me introduce myself.

Hi there, my name is Rob, and I created this website. After I went through a difficult time, I suddenly understood why I couldn’t find my happiness. But before I gained that clearance, I had to overcome depression. I was working as a police officer and had some struggles with myself. I ended up distracting myself, and at one point, I realized this superficial lifestyle wouldn’t bring me true happiness. So I radically changed everything in the hope of finding a purpose in life. I left everything behind and started a nomadic lifestyle. However, I ended up in the same pattern, which resulted in a downhill ride of procrastination and feeling miserable. When I had no more options left, I was very depressed. This feeling was so unbearable that I lost all motivation in life. Luckily, I reached out for help and overcame this depression.
And this opened my eyes. It made me understand the underlying psyche behind some of our behavior. Suddenly everything made so much more sense. I discovered some deeper psychological patterns in myself. And when I was able to recognize these patterns, I became able to change my mindset. And this gave me the ability to recognize the same patterns in others. Because, after all, we humans do not differ much from each other, and many of us are facing the same problems. And there, I found my purpose. It’s my moral obligation to share my founding and teach this to others so they don’t have to walk the same dark and lonely road I had to follow.

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