DoReset Affiliate Network

Your positive impact on the world deserves to be rewarded 


Are you also passionate about helping others improve their lives and achieve their goals? Do you want to earn some extra income while positively impacting the world? If so, then Dorset Affiliate Network is the perfect opportunity for you! Our program is simple: you promote our mini-courses to your personal network, and for every sale made through your unique referral link, you earn a commission. Plus, you have the chance to earn even more by building your team of affiliates and earning commissions on their sales.

Here’s how it works: You earn a 20% commission on all direct sales made through your personal referral link. And when an affiliate in your downline makes a sale, you earn 5% commission on that sale as well. This commission goes down to three levels, so you earn a commission on the sales made by the affiliates you recruited, as well as their recruits and their recruits.

Don’t worry; it is not an overcomplicated multi-level marketing program. Instead, it’s a simple and transparent three-tier system, so you can focus on what matters: helping people and growing your income. Check out the diagram that explains our program.


Imagine building your own network of successful affiliates and earning a steady stream of passive income! With our referral program, you can do just that. When someone you refer makes a purchase within 90 days of clicking your link, they become a part of your network. And every time they make a purchase, you earn a generous 20% commission. But it gets even better – you’ll also receive a 5% commission on every sale they make. And 5% on every sale there affiliates make. 

Our software is user friendly and easy to use. When you sign up, you have access to our affiliate dashboard. Here you have access to our lates promotion material and you can generate your personal referral links. Besides that you can see how you and your downline is performing. This includes clicks, conversions, revenue, earns per click and more. Because our network is transparant soon we will include different leaderboards. This way our program becomes even more fun and engaging.

Join Dorset Affiliate Network today, join this community and start earning commissions. Plus, get access to exclusive training and resources to help you build a successful business as an affiliate. So let’s work together to make a positive impact and achieve financial freedom!