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Unlock the power of your reward system and unleash your full potential with our course. In today’s fast-paced society, your attention is constantly under attack, leaving you vulnerable to countless distractions. Many of these distractions hijack your reward system and sap your productivity, leaving you feeling unfulfilled and stuck. As a result, you find yourself trapped in cycles of overstimulation and distraction, struggling to pursue your passions and achieve your goals. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Our course will teach you how to overcome these challenges and harness the power of your reward system. You’ll learn practical strategies for staying focused and motivated, even in the face of overwhelming distractions. By breaking free from the endless scrolling, Netflix binges, and gaming addictions, you’ll be able to reclaim your time and pursue your dreams with renewed energy and purpose. So say goodbye to the distractions holding you back and hello to a more fulfilling, productive life.

What You’ll Learn

  • The effects of dopamine on our brain
  • How Dopamine effects our reward system.
  • Dopamine and the ability to learn from experiences.
  • Why overstimulation results in postponing
  • Why do we get caught in scrolling, gaming or distracting .
  • The tricks our dopamine addicted brain plays with us.
  • How to prevent overstimulation.
  • How to make unproductive behaviour less appealing.
  • The secret how to maintain your dopamine.
  • How to make boring things exciting again.
  • How to make your life a video game.
  • How to start your day the right way


Introduction to the course

In this lesson, I will introduce myself and what I went through before I could understand my teachings. Then, in this video, I will explain why I created this course and how my productivity and motivation reached a level beyond my expectations. Also, I will explain why this is for you and what you can expect. (If you create a free account, you can check out this lesson for free)

Dopamine and our reward system

This lesson is essential to understand how dopamine works in the brain. In this lesson, you will also learn what dopamine is and how it affects our reward system. Dopamine gets released when we engage in certain activities. It gives us a feeling of reward. Significantly when the experience exceeds our expectations, however, this is temporary and may lead to continues searching for a new sense of reward. You will learn in this lesson how this exactly works. Also, you will understand why a 24u detox doesn’t change anything in your life. And I will clarify this overly hyped misconception.

How your reward system gets dysregulated

In this lesson, you will learn how overstimulation affects your reward system. And gather a better understanding of why we sometimes get trapped by endless scrolling our social, binge-watching, gaming, or whatever is stimulating for our brain. You will learn how and why our brain tricks us into continuing to postpone. You will learn to recognize certain behaviors upfront and not after so much of your precious time has already spilled. Realizing that we wasted our time or did not achieve any of our goals can be disappointing and stressful. But after this lesson, you are able to recognize certain behaviours and how they trick your reward system.

How to balance your reward system

In this lesson, things get more practical. First, you will discover how to prevent engaging in activities that overstimulate your reward system. Then, you will learn easy tricks to lower your screen time. And how to maintain a healthy balance between productivity and stimulation. Also, you will learn tricks to make unproductive behavior less exciting and appealing and do the opposite for productive behavior. Can you imagine that you prefer working on your goals over postponing or being lazy? Well, it is true, and you will understand the foundation of this lesson.

How to exploit your reward system

After this lesson, you make your life like a video game. You will learn how to get motivated to finish complicated tasks and receive that feeling of achievement every time. The design of video games keeps you playing. Even though the gameplay can sometimes be frustrating, you can maintain your focus and overcome that difficulty. And after this lesson, you will know how to apply this concept to your real life and reach new heights in motivation and productivity.

Bringing It All Together and even further

In this last lesson, I will recap everything we went over. I will guide you one more time step by step through everything you need to know. Also, in the materials tab of this final chapter, you can download a cheat sheet. This document will help to apply what you have learned. You can print this pdf file. This way, it is easy to take a quick look at what we learned so you can apply your new knowledge today.

BONUS How to inspire others

We will explain how you can help others with their overstimulation and motivate others and inspire them to overcome their postponing like you. We’re committed to sharing our teachings with as many people as possible, but we can use some help with that. In this bonus lesson, we offer the opportunity to help us, better the world, and get generously rewarded for your efforts.

Mini-course Exploit Your Reward System

Unleash your potential with this course. Learn practical strategies to stay focused and motivated in today’s distracting world. Reset your reward system. Break free from endless scrolling and pursue your passions with renewed energy. Say goodbye to unfulfilling cycles of distraction and hello to a more productive life.




Apx. 75-90 min.

Host: Rob van Diessen

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